Roger Coletti MD – Help For Chronic Pain Sufferers

With the advent of pain clinics popping up frequently, and the wait lists for them quite long, it’s clear to see that many people suffer from chronic pain. Whether it be back pain, knee pain, neck pain or all-over body pain, pain is very real and can be debilitating when suffering from it for a prolonged period of time. It’s very common for someone suffering from pain to also deal with anxiety and depression due to their painful circumstance. Many also suffer from sleep disturbances as it can be difficult to find a comfortable position to relax enough to sleep. Others find they must stay in bed so much during the day, sleep won’t come at night. Still, others rely on heavy duty pain pills to sleep through the night, leaving them in a stupor much of the following day.

Fortunately, Roger Coletti MD has found a way to help some of those suffering from chronic pain due to muscle spasm gain some relief. With the aid of an EMG machine, Dr. Coletti is able to visualize the spasming muscle. He then injects that specific muscle with a concentrated dose of Dibenzyline. Results are usually noticed instantly, as the muscle begins to relax right away, thus alleviating the patient’s pain. It seems that the results may be permanent, as the relief has been proven to be long-lasting.

Though injections are not new for pain relief and steroid injections have been used for quite a while with mixed results, this new procedure has amazing possibilities. Positive steroid injection results usually take a few days after the procedure to appear, if at all, and for some, it takes two or three sets of injections to see any noticeable results. This leaves steroid injections with a lot to be desired, especially compared to Dr. Coletti’s new procedure with an instant effect.

Many of the current pain relieving treatments focus on masking the pain, but Dr. Coletti’s procedure focuses on resolving the issue of the muscle spasm that is causing the pain. Because of this, his treatment plan truly can get rid of this condition, alleviating painful muscle spasms for good.